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Admiral Rogers chosen as new NSA director.The man of Information Warfare

The Obama Administration will assign the command of NSA to Michael S. Rogers, the US Government has chosen a military Expert on Information Warfare.

Apple iMessage vulnerable to MITM attack

How NSA tries to compromise Tor anonymity. Tor Stinks document

Top-secret presentation Tor Stinks leaked by Snowden shows the techniques implemente

Why humans could be the weakest link in cyber security chain?

Anonymous hacking collective plots Oct. 20 surveillance protest

Hacktivist collective Anonymous is planning a new protest, this time against global surveillance

Reuters blogging platform hacked, the critical role of information

In this day my blog has dedicated a great attention to the security of social media, explaining the importance of new communication networks. Today the information is synonymous with power, due this consideration is critical develop the proper processes for its management.

To acquire information today we infiltrate social networks, we attack forums and social media platform to intimidate the adversary, we develop powerful too for the global surveillance. The information represents the gold of our time, a treasure that must be preserved against any kind of attacks.


Spionage news video: Homeland Security spies on the Occupy movement like #OWS

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been under attack by politicians and even the media.