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Chinese IT-giants are going to support Windows XP

Various Chinese IT giants are going to support Windows XP, as Microsoft has announced they will s

BREAKING: Protesters run over & Anonymous masks are banned

The world is in a dark period as the need of Anonymous is needed.

End of Windows XP support era signals beginning of security nightmare

Consumer, corporate and even SCADA systems could be at risk when Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP.

Microsoft’s recent announcement that it will end support for the Windows XP operating system in two years signals the end of an era for the company, and potentially the beginning of a nightmare for everyone else.

ACTA: Acta loses more support in Europe

Bulgaria and the Netherlands join Poland and Germany in refusing to ratify Acta, citing privacy a

The LinkedIn guide paper: How to make LinkedIn work for you

Welcome – the goal of this guide book is to let LinkedIn work for you.

European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference 2011 (EISIC 2011)