What is Agent.BTZ spyware and how to remove it

Agent.BTZ is a spyware application that has been discovered in 2008, the spyware has hit the United States military central command in 2008 and the spyware highest point of activity was in 2011. The spyware has been found by Kaspersky Labs. Recently a new spyware has been found named 'Turla'. 

Texas schools punish students who refuse to be tracked with RFID microchips

In Texas Radio Frequency Identification chips are being implemented into San Antonio area schools

Eugene Kaspersky Presents "The threats of the Age of cyber-warfare"

Eugene Kaspersky presents on the cyber crime landscape and the threats of the age of cyber-warfare during Kaspersky Lab's Cyber Security Symposium and Global Corporate Product Launch.

Internet freedom and security in EU foreign policy: The role of business

Yesterday I attended an workshop which focused on the role of business in the IT Business and Privacy world. This workshop focussed on Government spyware tools, human rights and foreign policies.

National Cyber Alert System - Recognizing and Avoiding Spyware


National Cyber Alert System - Coordinating Virus and Spyware Defense