Operation 'Reset the Net' wil shock government spying agencies

A new operation has been launched by the name 'Reset the Net', this operation has one goal, interrupt the information gathering that is being applied on us by government agencies. The operation is simple and harmless, if you are an developer create an plugin which will secure the clients more, if you are an user make sure that you have at least one application installed which will secure you against government spying. 

Proposed US law looks to fight cyber spying

A group of senior Republican and Democratic senators proposed a new law on Tuesday to combat comp

Is CISPA A Government Trojan Horse?


Codebreaker found in bag attended Black Hat security conference before death

A British codebreaker who died a mysterious death in his flat two years ago had just returned from a computer security conference in the United States before his death, according to information disclosed during an inquest this week.

The body of Gareth Williams, a codebreaker with MI6, was discovered stuffed into a sports bag in his bathtub on 23 August 2010, though he's believed to have been killed on 15 August.
Williams had just returned to London on 11 August after spending six weeks in the United States, where he attended the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas as part of a contingent of British spies, according to witnesses who spoke at the inquest. He attended Black Hat in 2008 as well.