sopa Tango Down by Anonymous after State of the Union speech #SOTU

As the information spread that the SOPA and CISPA bill are back on their rails again the Ano

UPDATE-GoDaddy denies DDoS attack - All you have to know on DDoS attack against GoDaddy

New Anonymous Operation Mayhem 2012 Code Tyler

Cyberwarzone has found Anonymous resources on the Operation Mayhem 2012 operation. Cyberwarzone has posted videos and news from the Operation Mayhem operation and the New operation Operation Mayhem Code Tyler.

Anonymous: CISPA is Worse than SOPA

CISPA, or the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protect Act, also known as HR 3523 is a cybersecurity House bill that's already gained over 100 sponsors and is perhaps the worst of them all. It would allow companies to collect and monitor private communications and share them with the government, and anyone else. So is it really as scary as it sounds? EFF's Trevor Timm explains.

Drone for freedom or cyber threat? The Pirate Bay idea

Anonymous: Hackers apparently hit Swedish government site

STOCKHOLM — A group linked to the hacker network Anonymous on Saturday said it had attacked the Swedish government's website, bringing it down for periods of time by overloading it with traffic. CyberForce used Twitter to claim responsibility, saying "We have succeeded in the attack against the government." It also indicated it may launch more attacks at around midnight (2300 GMT)

Saturday, saying "this op starts at 24.00," but it was not immediately clear who the targets for those attacks may be. The group said it had used a denial of service attack against the government, which essentially swamps a website with false users.

FBI: Online Privacy is for terrorists

A flyer designed by the FBI and the Department of Justice to promote suspicious activity rep

Anonymous: Targets the United States government

Anonymous: Cyberwarfare engaged 

Anonymous: Anonymous is a nuisance, not a threat

 NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Anonymous has struck again.

First video: Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom appears in court

Kim Dotcom (a.k.a.