The Text that Changed the World

On Tuesday the Ukrainian government sent the following text message to thousands of protesters in the streets of Kiev: “Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.” This short text belied a far more radical message. For the first time, a government was able to identify individual protesters and privately communicate to them that it knew who they were and where they were located.

Cryptome publishes full SMS history of Anonymous hacker "Topiary"

Cryptome has published an PDF file that includes a chat history taken in 2012 of the Anonymous &q

SMS Vulnerability in Twitter, Facebook and Venmo

Twitter users with SMS enabled are vulnerable to an attack that allows anyone to post to their ac

Russian Mobile Smartphones Malware: Cell phone money laundering and how does it work

In Russia most of the cell phone SIM cards are prepaid cards.

Cuban official media accuses U.S. of preparing SMS-based "cyberwar"


[27C3] (en) Smartphones SMS-o-Death #infosec

The threat is coming from smartphones and from the internet.