Security Risks Posed by 100K Android Apps, According to Bit9 Research


Cyber-thieves increasingly aiming at cellphones

Addicted as we are to our online life and our mobile devices, it’s no surprise that a growing number of cybercriminals are lurking out there with us.

Their newest target is right in our hands: our cell phones.

Massive Top 100 security tips

Cyberwarzone is going crazy and has decided to post a massive top 100 security tips for the community. These tips can be used on a daily basis and are easy to implement. The security tips will help you protect yourself against potential threats.

The tips will cover topics like web surfing and doing it secured. As the list gets bigger the topics could get complex. Feel free to share this blog and don't forget to tweet about it.

Russian Mobile Smartphones Malware: Cell phone money laundering and how does it work

In Russia most of the cell phone SIM cards are prepaid cards.

[27C3] (en) Smartphones SMS-o-Death #infosec

The threat is coming from smartphones and from the internet.