WorldStarHipHop hoax: Guy Decides To Get A Closer Look At A Safari And Gets Eaten By Lion Within Minutes

A video has been published on the HipHop website WorldStarHiphop which shows how a person de 'Survey scam' targets Android users

A Twitter account is spreading messages that there is a new hack available for Flappybird. It provides a unlimited lives cheat, and to get this cheat, you simply have to follow a couple of steps that will certainly get you hacked. The website is made in a very simple way so it will attract a lot of users, it clearly shows how the user only haves to take 5 steps to have the unlimited FlappyBird live cheat on their Android phone. 

The downfall of 'Utopia' and the rise of 'SilkEye' marketplace

It has just been a day and there is already a new underground marketplace that is similar to the Utopia marketplace and the ‘Black Market Reloaded’ marketplace. The Dutch National Police published a post on their official website that they have seized the ‘Utopia’ marketplace and that they will not give anyone else a different approach.

Cyberwar: How the Internet Changes World Conflict

Cybersecurity and Cyberconflict is forcing the current security experts to take different paths i

Must watch video: Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know

Cybersecurity and CyberWar discusses the cybersecurity issues that challenge everyone: politician

New ‘TUMBLR’ virus steals login credentials

Dear TUMBLR users, do you love your TUMBLR page and network? Then you have to be aware of the new ‘TUMBLR virus’ that is trying to lure innocent TUMBLR users to download a malicious application which will grab the login information from the victimized user. The hackers have set up a fake page which looks identical to the official TUMBLR login page. Once you take a look at the details you will notice that there is something wrong.

Hoax: McDonalds Exposed For Using Human Meat!

List of hoaxes that hit the Olympics in Russia

The Winter Olympics in Russia is a event that is drawing a lot of attention world wide.

Facebook malware: Facebook Team Award Lottery Promotion Agency

Hackers on Facebook are trying to obtain personal information by sending fake messages to people

Billions lost because of weak password policy

Government agencies in the United States are often failing to implement even the most basic deter