Jobdeals Twitter Scam that will steal personal information

Be aware of the 'Twitter Job deals Scam", various users are reporting that they are rece

Facebook scam: 'You won't believe what this pregnant girl does'

Hackers on Facebook have uploaded a scheme titled 'You won't believe what this pregnant girl does', the hackers use a video to lure the unaware users to the website that will be serving the pregnant girl video. Once the user visits the website, the used will be asked to share the video first, once the video has been shared the user is navigated back to the website and will then be asked to fill in a form. This method of scamming people is done by hackers that want to generate revenue by using 'surveys' and by hackers that wish to collect personal information. 

Facebook virus: Shocking video Hungry Bear Tear Women into pieces in seconds

Hackers on Facebook have released a new scheme of the 'survey scam'. They are now using a video which is titled "Hungry Bear Tear Women into pieces in seconds', the video would show the Facebook user footage of how a Women is attacked by a bear. Once the user is lured to the fake website which is providing the video, the user will be forced to share the video first before the user can view it. Once the video has been shared the user is forced to fill a survey. This survey will generate money for the hacker which has setup the website with the fake video. 'Survey scam' targets Android users

A Twitter account is spreading messages that there is a new hack available for Flappybird. It provides a unlimited lives cheat, and to get this cheat, you simply have to follow a couple of steps that will certainly get you hacked. The website is made in a very simple way so it will attract a lot of users, it clearly shows how the user only haves to take 5 steps to have the unlimited FlappyBird live cheat on their Android phone. 

Facebook malware: [Shocking video] Pregnant woman swallowed by Python

Hackers are using a fake video which is titled "[SHOCKING VIDEO]Huge Python Eats Passed Out Pregnant Woman in a Brazilian park as public watch!!". It shows a image of a snake that has human remain in it's jaw. This scam is a typical 'survey' & 'share' method the hackers use to generate revenue and it allows them to collect personal information. The video which shows how a pregnant woman is eaten by a huge Python in Brazil is a fake video. Once the users want to view the video, they have to share the video first. 

Huzlers Fake news & Satire: The world should know better

You can not have missed it, the satire website that has gone viral, is a website that

Hoax: McDonalds Exposed For Using Human Meat!

Famous scam: Download codec to watch a movie

Are you having trouble to view a movie on your computer?

New Facebook scam: [VIDEO] Plane Crash over the bridge!

Hackers on Facebook are sharing a new message which promises the victims a video where they can v

Facebook 'Tsunami' Insurance Policy Scam

Users on Facebook are targeted by a scam that claims that the receiver is entitled to receive 17