Wikileaks on oligarch Boris Berezovsky & various resources

UK and Russian media reports that Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky has taken his own life at age

Russian acktivist Aleksandr Dolmatov that fled Russia dies in Dutch cell

The Russian activist Aleksandr Dolmatov was found dead in the cell of the deportation center

Group aerobatics of more than 20 combat fighters

There is an awesome video online that shows how the Russian airforce flies in formation and perfo

Russian Underground Offers Cybercrime Services at Dirt-Cheap Prices

Wanna buy a botnet? It will cost you somewhere in the region of $700.

Hackers plan attack on Russian government sites

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The activist hacker group Anonymous said on Friday it planned to attack Russia

Espionage: Russian spy Anna Chapman came 'close' to seducing a member of Obama's cabinet

WASHINGTON — Sexy red-headed Russian spy Anna Chapman came close to bedding a member of President Obama's cabinet, according to a top US intelligence official.

In a new documentary, FBI counter-intelligence chief Frank Figliuzzi claimed Chapman got close enough to enacting the plot, London's Daily Mail reported today.
"We were becoming very concerned,' he said. "They were getting close enough to a sitting US cabinet member that we thought we could no longer allow this to continue."

Russian Mobile Smartphones Malware: Cell phone money laundering and how does it work

In Russia most of the cell phone SIM cards are prepaid cards.

John Markoff on Stuxnet