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Putin order comes into force immediately: Crimea is a sovereign independent state

If you have been watching the news, you have obtained the knowledge that around 95% voted Crimea to join the Russian country, now it seems that President Vladimir Putin has signed an order which states that Crimea will be seen as a sovereign independent state. 

Ukraine hit by massive cyberattacks

Millions of government computers have been hacked with the 'Snake', 'Turla' and 'Agent.BTZ' malware which could have been deployed by the Russians. The 'Snake' malware first appeared in 2006, but it seems that the 'Snake' malware is now being deployed for more aggressive attacks. The defense company BAE Systems, reported that since 2013, the Ukrainian government computers have been hit by this malware for at least 22 times. 

95.5% votes for Russia, is this a demo of a successful cyberattack?

Just imagine, 95,5% people voted! That means that from the 100 people, 95 voted for Russia. Now this is not something new, but the amount of votes is extremely high! Now lets continue, earlier we discussed how Russia is using the internet in its advantage to take control of Crimea. Now it seems that they have succeeded! The advisor of Putin also published a Russian Spring document which would allow Putin to dominate Europe. Now that Putin has taken control over Crimea, the next question is asked by the West, will Putin stop with Crimea or will he continue to take over ground? 

How the spyware brothers Turla and Agent.BTZ allowed Russia to infect millions of government computers

The situation that we are experiencing in the Ukraine has shown that no immediate action can be taken when a country like Russia engages in a conflict, the cyber attack that could provide the Russians a lot of intelligence and advantage could have been gained by the Agent.BTZ spyware that has hit hundreds of thousands of computers around the globe. The Agent.BTZ spyware was found in the United States military Central command in 2008, till today not much information has been shared about this spyware. Kaspersky says that the most active period was in 2011. Now this is one of the spyware that could have been launched by the Russians, but recently a spyware has been found with the name 'Turla'. 

Ex-security service chief: Opposition behind Kiev deadly shootings

Ukraine’s former security chief confirms the allegations that the snipers who killed dozens of people in last month's anti-government protests operated from a building controlled by the opposition.

Leaked: Telephone conversation with President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych

On Ukraine’s initiative, Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Viktor Yanukovych who suggested that the Russian President send a representative to Kiev to act as a mediator in negotiations with the opposition.

Vladimir Putin decided to entrust this mission to the Human Rights Commissioner Vladimir Lukin, who has extensive experience of diplomatic service, enjoys the respect of human rights activists and used to head a major opposition party.

List of hoaxes that hit the Olympics in Russia

The Winter Olympics in Russia is a event that is drawing a lot of attention world wide.

This is what happends to you if you are gay in Russia

If you are gay in Russia - you are not safe.