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OSINT research to discovery lucrative business of monitoring systems

Huawei – Symantec, broken join venture and the fear on chinese firms


US Experts say: Government Networks constantly hacked

 For yea

Darkness Botnet and Russian Politics

This complements the piece by my colleague, Khatuna Mshvidobadze, immediately below.  It is

Cyber ​​chess, a game just begun


Cyberwarfare: Russia pushes for online code of conduct at United Nations General Assembly

 Russia and several other countries are pushing for a UN General Assembly resolution on a co

Cyberwar Russia: Waging Cyber War on Bureacracy

 The Kremlin Has Launched One-Stop Shops on the Internet to Improve Public Services Delivery

Twitter enduring a Cyberwar?

TwitterBritain needs to learn from the actions of the Israeli military in the Gaza in using YouTube and tweets to engage in 21st-century cyber-warfare, the head of the Royal Air force said yesterday.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton highlighted how the Israeli Air Force used the internet in the battle over international public opinion during last year's conflict as an example of harnessing new technology.