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McAfee Report on alarming growth of cyber threats

 I find really interesting the report released by security firms regarding the principal cyber threats and the related evolution. This time I desire to share the data proposed in the by McAfee Labs in its McAfee Threats Report - First Quarter 2012.

Let's start observing that this first part of year have registered an impressive increase of the malware diffusion, the experts believe that the trend of growth will be consolidated during the current year, and the area which could suffer more the incoming cyber threats will be the mobile. The number of malware in mobile environment has quadrupled respect the last year and the almost all of the agents isolated are new and related to the Android OS based devices ( 87%).

Syria: RAT uncomfortable assumptions on the control of dissidents

The public opinion is daily informed regarding the situation in Syria that is still critic, according UN representative in the country several clashes are undermining a virtual ceasefire.

A picture of the Iran threat


The Unknowns, hacker’s revenge in the name of security

 It's happened, another group of hacker named The Unknowns has hacked several organizations,

Russia says many states arming for cyber warfare

Group-IB Says Economic Security Directorate, Internal Affairs Ministry, Main Investigations Directorate and Department “K” All Fruits

A word to lovers of red wine: Never, ever, under any circumstances, no matter wh

Fear Iran and escalation of cyber attacks


Iran vs West, cyber war or media conflict?

 Today I have read several articles where is hypothesized an imminent cyber attacks of 

Iran,Oil Industry under cyber attack,are we close to a military strike?

China prepares for joint military exercises with Russia

China and Russia launched their first joint naval exercises Sunday, with war games in the Yellow