Cyberattacks Are Causing an Epidemic of Compromises at Healthcare Organizations

A study that has been performed by SANS and NORSE have concluded that healthcare organizations are suffering from a increase in cyber attacks. The chance that a hospital or other healthcare organization will be hit by a cyber attack has increased. The attackers could be after personal information, health care records or something more sinister. 

The Global Cyber Warfare Market 2011-2021

This report offers detailed analysis of the global Cyber Warfare market over the next ten years,

ENISA security report: Nothing runs without power

Internet Crime Complaint Center: IC3 2011 Internet Crime Report

In 2011, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) actively pursued its mission to address crimes

Facebook: This is what Facebook provides when the federal arm asks for your profile

The website superchief has posted an article providing information about; What does the police get when they ask for your Facebook data file? In the article you will find that everything that you do on Facebook gets logged and is available for the federal arm.

A group of Australian students released an article before about the facebook data file. Read more here.

Espionage: Developments in the intelligence sphere on the African continent

This edition of SA Intelligence focuses on the developments in the intelligence sphere on the Afr

Malware Secretly Re-Routed More Than 4 Million Computers

Manhattan U.S.