For Google it is time to encrypt all GMail connections

Google has announced to have adopted encrypt mechanisms for all Gma​il connections to reply to the increasing demand of privacy of Internet users.

WhatsApp flaw allows hackers to steal private Chats on Android devices

How to defend yourself against Facebook malware in 2014

Hackers are using Facebook as an portal to gain credentials and money. The worst part is, they are using people that are unaware of the malware that can be found on Facebook. One of the recent examples is the video Rollercoaster accident in Orlando park, this Facebook malware targeted at least 30 000 users in 2 days. The malware that is similar build like the "Nicki Minaj tape that got leaked by her boyfriend"  uses the users to share the malicious malware post

Apple iMessage vulnerable to MITM attack

How NSA tries to compromise Tor anonymity. Tor Stinks document

Top-secret presentation Tor Stinks leaked by Snowden shows the techniques implemente

Facebook to Anonymous: We see you and we will report you

The “Intelligent Objects” that surround us

Article published on The Malta Indipendent on December 9th 2012

Technology in the last decade has assumed a fundamental role in our daily lives.  We are increasingly surrounded by discrete intelligent components designed to provide us with more sophisticated choices designed to enhance our personal experience and quality of life.  From our phones, to our home security system, to the refrigerator in our house, an increasing number of devices are constantly connected to the internet and with each other.

New York Legislators Propose Ban on Anonymous Online Comments


NFC, business opportunities, security and privacy issues


Japan and the privacy contradictions