The police tampered eavesdropping reports, talks of destroying evidence

The Netherlands is on the top of the list when it comes to espionage on civilians, the Dutch police would 'tap' on mobile phones and then the evidence is digitally stored on a computer, but the way this is stored could be unethical. The police officer which is filing the evidence needs to write a report on what he has heard, but recent research has concluded that the Dutch police adds fake 'evidence' to those reports. So how trust worthy is it? 

Dutch police will use CHILDREN to bust pedo rings

In The Netherlands a law has been modified so it will allow the Dutch police to use children to l

'Utopia' black market server seized by Dutch National police

The Dutch National police has seized the 'Utopia' server which is running on the dark net

Bahrain police torturing protesters to death: cops jailed now

LIVE: Bulgarian police beating people on the streets

Tunisian Hackers take over Tel Aviv Police twitter feed

The Tel Aviv police twitter account has been hacked by Tunisian hackers.

Israel Police Force Launches Cyber Unit

Israel’s Police Chief, Yohanan Danino, announced Monday the establishment of a special poli

#Anonymous leaks 1.35GB of Italian State Police after hack (Polizia di Stato)

The Italian Anonymous collective has claimed to have compromised 1.35 Gigabyte from the Italian S

The Wikiboat: again Tango down GEMA.de

If you try to visit the website gema.de you will probably not get the website.

Hacktivists claim takedown of Chicago police Web site

Anonymous group AntiS3curityOPS says action is in retaliation for alleged police brutality commit