New ‘TUMBLR’ virus steals login credentials

Dear TUMBLR users, do you love your TUMBLR page and network? Then you have to be aware of the new ‘TUMBLR virus’ that is trying to lure innocent TUMBLR users to download a malicious application which will grab the login information from the victimized user. The hackers have set up a fake page which looks identical to the official TUMBLR login page. Once you take a look at the details you will notice that there is something wrong.

Zeus hit five major banks in Japan

Part 1: Authentication Series - A world of passwords

In our previous articles we discussed malwarephishing, viruses and other computer infections designed to maliciously acquire your personal information. Last week we talked about low privacy settings on social networks, today we will talk about weak passwords.


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McAfee Report on alarming growth of cyber threats

 I find really interesting the report released by security firms regarding the principal cyber threats and the related evolution. This time I desire to share the data proposed in the by McAfee Labs in its McAfee Threats Report - First Quarter 2012.

Let's start observing that this first part of year have registered an impressive increase of the malware diffusion, the experts believe that the trend of growth will be consolidated during the current year, and the area which could suffer more the incoming cyber threats will be the mobile. The number of malware in mobile environment has quadrupled respect the last year and the almost all of the agents isolated are new and related to the Android OS based devices ( 87%).

McAfee Labs Threat Report for Q1 2012: Threats Gone Wild

Anatomy of an Attack: From Spear Phishing Attack to Compromise in Ten Steps

 Skilled, determined attackers can break, enter and succeed within minutes. Other times, they spend days plotting, establishing backdoors and fortifying their positions inside your company. This sophistication and persistence presents challenges for those trying to scope, contain and remediate the threat. Here's what a typical economic espionage attack looks like.