Shocking video: A bus with 37 people inside burned Facebook malware

If you are trying to watch a video titled 'Se Incendia un autobus con 37 personas dentro, TERRIBLE. [Vídeo fuerte]' or "A bus with 37 people inside burned" then the chance is very high that you are on one of the Facebook malware survey websites that demand that you share the video first before you can watch it, and once that you have shared the video, you are forced to fill a survey.

An open letter to the world! | #Anonymous #Anonfamily #OWS

Letter concerning “those above us”… Especially mean

Protester disrupts drone press conference

As US counterterrorism chiefs insist that drone strikes are legal under international law, one

Zabasearch the online people search

On you can search people online. H)

Companies such as PeopleFinders and US SEARCH are still charging for information. On Zabasearch you can find the information for free. So I find it quite interesting that I can use Zabasearch as an open information source.