Web Application Security & Auditing tools for Google Chrome

The Chrome browser has the possibility to add plugins, but when it comes to security auditing plu

Malicious Software

Malicious code or software is not at all a new term in the present era. Antivirus companies are trying hard to make the Internet safe and free from malware, but still the tight bond between flaws and features comes in between. The pre-installed utilities in BackTrack Machine (i.e., msfpayload and msfencode) can make you insecure about the safety of the Internet by simply showing you a simple PDF file with malicious intent.

Security distributions list

Cyberwarzone has found an beautifull resource for security distributions.

Pentesters Armoury: An online database filled with tools is a wonderful project. The project provides an online database with pentesting tools. The website is designed to serve the most common tools over multiple protocols. It works on Samba, TFTP, FTP, RSync,  SVN and HTTP(S).

You can see the project as an online database filled with useful tools for pentesters. It is the armoury for pentesters.

Why is digital pentesting not enough

Physical penetration testing plays an important role in assuring a company that the security po