Pentagon Says 75,000 Troops Might Be Needed to Seize Syria Chemical Arms

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has told the Obama administration that any military effort to sei

Cyberwarfare: The strategic importance of defense

I was reading an interesting article on the cyber wars I was attracted by the comparison of Stuxnet to the first nuclear bomb detonated at a site nicknamed Trinity in the barren Jornada del Muerto desert of New Mexico on  July 16, 1945.

Pentagon hacked by WikiBoat.


Pentagon takes cyber war seriously

WASHINGTON: Senior military leaders are recommending that the Pentagon's two-year-old cyber wa

Military leaders seek higher profile for Pentagon’s Cyber Command unit

Senior military leaders are recommending that the Pentagon’s two-year-old cyberwarfare uni

DNSChanger , much ado about nothing and the wrong choice


Cyberwarfare: Pentagon goes hyper on cyber war tools

  WASHINGTON: The Pentagon is establishing a fast-track acquisition process that would enable it to develop new cyber warfare capabilities within days or months if urgently needed, the Defense Department said in a report to Congress.