Teamr00t releases massive government defacement list

Anonymous publishes 3800 torchat pedophiles in #opPedoChat

Anonymous has published a list with over 3000 torchat pedophiles.

DigitalCorruption: targets AT&T website and Hostgator after their recent and leaks

DigitalCorruption is a hacking group that believes t

#OpFreePalestine: 200+ Credit Cards from U.S.A and Israel Leaked by Zcompany Hacking Crew

The Zcompany crew has leaked 200+ credit cards in operation free palestine.

Pyloris: New DDOS tool

So you want to DDOS but you don't have any friends? You can do this with pyloris and tor.

Shadow Group: Sony hackers IRC chat leaked

Surfing the internet i found a "leaked" file of the Lulzsec Shadow Group chat in #Noxel

Cybercrime: Credit Card Fraud CVV MA$TERS TEAM on PasteBin

I was fooling around on PasteBin with some random keywords.

PasteBin: A great way to get your d0x published

PasteBin is a website that is known among Hackers and people that follow these hackers.

Facebook 2011: 10 000 accounts leaked by TeamSwaStika on pastebin

The hacking group TeamSwaStika hacked 10 000 Facebook accounts and published them on pastebin.&nb