largest Data Theft in Germany 18M E-Mail Passwords Stolen

Cyber Criminals have stolen 18 millions e-mail addresses with the corresponding passwords in Germ

How to hack WiFi password

Stop, and read this if you want to know how to hack a wireless connection so you will have internet on your laptop. Hacking a access point or wireless router can be done in various ways, you can use a WiFi hacking tool, so you will obtain the WiFi password with a brute force method, or you could try social engineering to obtain the wireless password but the easiest method to hack a WiFi connection is by using the 'Network & Sharing center' which can be found in each Windows operating system (Win vista and higher). 

Massive collection of leaked passwords

A hacker will need a good collection of passwords which can be used to brute force login forms. This password collection is free and it can be used for tools like 'Cain & Abel', John the Ripper and 'THC Hydra'. 

We have made this list as it is hard to find good password lists online. Most of the time you will have to pay for them or you will get a limited password list. These password lists can be used by penetration testers to audit their target. On the internet you can find a lot of password collections, searching for password torrent files always provides some password file resources. Using Pastebin as a resource for passwords will provide you some passwords as a lot of hackers leak database information on Pastebin.

Hardcoded passwords leave Telstra routers wide open: Telstra urges customers to apply patch

Hardcoded usernames and passwords have been discovered in a recent line of Telstra broadband rout

2-step password verification is inconvenient but more secure

Bank ATMs embody decades-old technology. A four-digit PIN? is the latest site to suffer a password breach

Music website is investigating the leak of "some" of its

Massive Top 100 security tips

Cyberwarzone is going crazy and has decided to post a massive top 100 security tips for the community. These tips can be used on a daily basis and are easy to implement. The security tips will help you protect yourself against potential threats.

The tips will cover topics like web surfing and doing it secured. As the list gets bigger the topics could get complex. Feel free to share this blog and don't forget to tweet about it.

New research: There's no need to panic over factorable keys--just mind your Ps and Qs

 You may have seen the preprint post

Anonymous: Government website passwords obtained by Anonymous hacker

 A HACKER from the Anonymous ‘hacktivist’ movement has accessed website passwords of a number of government employees and officials, and posted them online this evening.

A user posted the details in an online chat room used by the collective for its ‘#OpIreland’ campaign, which targets the websites of Irish governmental agencies in protest at government plans to introduce new legislation reinforcing the rights of copyright holders in the sharing of online materials.
The passwords were then widely disseminated on Twitter through an account used by the Swedish arm of the international movement.
Subsequent tweets from the Swedish account specifically referenced Seán Sherlock, the junior minister behind the plans for the new legislation, urging him to “hear the good people of Ireland or expect us!”

Password cracking: A mega collection of password cracking word lists

On the internet you can find a lot of word lists that will help you to crack a password.