Unconfirmed: Whatsapp offline because of hack?

On Facebook we have received various messages that Hackers have initiated an attack on the Whatsapp application which currently is offline. The hackers say they initiated the attack on Whatsapp after Facebook became the new owner of Whatsapp. 

BREAKING: Facebook offline after massive DDoS attack?

People on the internet are unable to login to their Facebook profile!

Can't access try is offline or it is simply blocking all the requests.

Facebook game "Candy Crush Saga" offline

The Facebook game "Candy Crush Sage" seems to be having some issues with their service website offline

The website seems to be offline.

What people said on Twitter when Facebook went offline

Today Facebook wen't offline and the tweets on Twitter with the hashtag #Facebook exploded.

Facebook offline or enduring DNS problems?

Today on 11/12/2012 around 0:03 it seems that Facebook is not functioning. unreachable after Anonymous message on Twitter

There have been some developments lately and one of them is the Barret Brown event. 

Did Twitter got attacked or is it down by technical errors?

Today I tried to visit my Twitter page and I found out i could not reach the Twitter website.