President Obama was threatened by THIS forgotten security leak during the NSS

The National Security Summit was a big success and the President of the United States visited The Netherlands, but what he did not know, was that he was being threatened with his life because of a major security leak in the physical security barriers. 

Hoax: Obama did not have a affaire with Beyonce

All those people that want to believe this should stop hating, the news is going viral that Obama

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 US hardliners criticized President Obama over his State of the Union speech in which he rei

Obama: I’m Not Going To Be Scrambling Jets To Get A 29-Year-Old Hacker

President Obama said Thursday he has not gotten personally involved in the case of Ed Snowden, be

Anonymous targets Obama in #opGTMO

Anonymous spirits have uploaded an new video on Youtube that targets the Obama administration.

Obama: less health care and more drones & cyberweapons

Libertarian Party Response to President Barack Obama's 2013 State of the Union Address

Carla Howell, executive director for the Libertarian National Committee, delivers the Libertarian

Obama's State Of The Union Address 2013 video #SOTU

Watch the State Of The Union Address 2013 back via the provided videos below.

Machine turns vote for Obama into one for Romney

A Pennsylvania electronic voting machine was taken out of service after being captured on video c

Turkey Goes Cool on U.S. Election