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EXCLUSIVE! RUSSIA Caught Exporting US Missile Components, FBI Indicts 10; Kremlin Denies

The exclusive Conservative Report article exposing an Iranian-Chinese nuclear proliferation ring shocked the blogosphere, and put partisanship on hold in order to focus on Iran—who has said without equivocation their intent is to “wipe Israel off the map.” But before any thorough follow-up could be accomplished, yet another breaking, proliferation-operation has been exposed. This one involves a Russia national, Alexander Fishenko, who was caught shipping dual-use-electronics for missile guidance, out of the U.S. to his companies in Moscow. Kremlin Intelligence officials in Russia have denied any involvement in the operation, and any knowledge of the scheme. However, the press release from the FBI’s New York office states explicitly, Fishenko was exporting “ high-tech microelectronics” to “Russian military and intelligence agencies.”