Secret Nuclear Security Summit uses public downloadable application to discuss secret topics

The Nuclear Security Summit that will take hold in The Hague, The Netherlands is going to make use of the NSS 2014 application instead of the old fashioned papers. The application would not hold any secret information so it would not be interesting to hack, the Dutch government states. 

Radioactive passenger triggers nuclear alert on Chicago passenger train

It was stunning for those who watched Thursday night as federal agents investigated a possible nu

Iran designates 16 new Nuclear power plant locations

Iran has determined future locations to build 16 new nuclear power plants.

Iran: 'Long-Range' Missiles attack during war games exercise on fake enemy bases

The Iranian military has launched a barrage of missiles at "mock enemy bases" as part

Iran site buildings "completely razed": U.S. think-tank

(Reuters) - A U.S.

US and international banking system responds to Iran in economic war


Analysis: Israelis should be afraid of their leaders, not Iran

For far too long now Israel has been headed by heroes, the kind who don't hesitate to take the co

Cyberwarfare: There is no cyber war the same way there is no nuclear war

 One of the staff at my school (King’s College, London) recently published a paper that used Clausewitzian definitions of war to declaim that there has been no cyberwar, cyberwar is not happening now, and cyberwar is unlikely to occur in the future.  Of course it is easy to prove a point if you control the definitions and I will stipulate that the idea of two nations engaging in purely network and computer based attacks would result in nothing but fodder for cyber pundits and tech journalists.

But warfare has seen many more permutations throughout history than even Clausewitz  may have been exposed to.  How would Clausewitz have treated India’s successful pacifist revolt? Would he have said you can’t wage a war by fasting?  What about asymmetric warfare – a topic that most academic institutions, including King’s College, are focused on.  Or psychological warfare? Clausewitz pre-dated the telegraph (invented  six years after his death)  let alone radio, television, and the Internet. Could Clausewitz have defined the 50 year protracted Cold War which entailed the largest arms build up ever? Arms that were never used.

Cyberweapons: Cone of silence surrounds U.S. cyberwarfare

 WASHINGTON — The burial at sea was just a few hours old when sources around Washingto

US Nuclear Reactors at Risk

The natural disaster in Japan exposed the weakest link. Japans reactors are top notch, well