Security distributions list

Cyberwarzone has found an beautifull resource for security distributions.

DARPA: Military Networking Protocol

The Military Networking Protocol (MNP) program seeks to develop a network prioritization system w

Anonymous networking: How does TOR work explained

The Onion Router a.k.a Tor is designed to provide anonymous communication between node A and B.

Books on Cybercrime cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism

This is my top 10 list of books on cyberspace related issues.

The story of digital data - Life=data video


Team Cymru the video series 1 to 10

Team Cymru Research NFP is a specialized Internet security research firm and 501(c)3 non-profit d

How to hack Linkedin accounts - the manual

I found a way to hack a LinkedIn account and delete it.

Cyberwar PsyOps: e-Activism and Social Media

Social Networking Sites – Weapon, Threat and Target

 By Kevin Coleman — Defense Tech Cyberwarfare Correspondent<

FBI goes social networking on Youtube, twitter and facebook

 Over the past few years we’ve rolled out a number of new web initiatives—including an e-mail alert service, syndicated news feeds, and a series of podcasts and widgets—that make it easier for you to help us track down wanted fugitives and missing kids, to submit tips on terrorism and crime, and to get our latest news and information. 

Today, we’re announcing the launch of our latest suite of tools. We’ve recently set up shop in several social media websites, including: