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Dutch Military Intelligence dives into Cyber

The Netherlands wire-tapping the citizens

 Dutch wire-tapping  grew fast, in 2009 Justice and the AIVD tapped more than 3350 known internet & Vo-IP connections.

Tapping by the Dutch government has exploded the last years. In 2009 there were 335 internet taps placed on a number of 1.5 million connected users.

The average time of a internet tap was 27 days. This according to the figures that Webwereld has obtained from the National Management Foundation Organization Internet Providers (NBIP).


NBIP provides internet taps for 59 ISPs. The exact number of internet tap requests is still unknown.

Years ago the tapping rate in the Netherlands was 69 taps placed on a number of 1.5 million users. In 2009 this number is 335 this is a increase of 335 percent. The number of tap days increased significantly, from 2402 to 8920 an increase of 271 percent.





This manifest for digital freedom (see PDF for the extended version) was sent to political parties for the elections of 2010. We have asked for the following eight programs formulated items be taken in their election. Help us to protect digital freedom! Go to the campaign page for more information.


Digital technology is the oxygen for the Dutchman of the 21st century. Almost every Dutch person has a computer, a mobile phone and a broadband connection. We drive business through innovative services such as Marketplace. We do massive tax via internet. We work together on the largest ever encyclopedia, Wikipedia. We make new business contacts and maintain old friendships through social networks. We share knowledge, culture and opinions via Twitter. We build our democracy and the Internet to ask attention to oppression in other countries, like Iran. Digital technology has changed our society and all citizens unprecedented freedom.