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This Book covers the main as

The Deep Web Part 1: Introduction to the Deep Web and how to wear clothes online!

The good and the bad of the Deep Web

AntiSec steals 1M Apple UDID from FBI notebook with an exploit


Social Networks Part 2 – Have you been infiltrated?


Malware... It’s all about you...

Article published on The Malta Indipendent

by Ron Kelson - Vice Chair ICT Gozo Malta Project, Pierluigi Paganini – Director and CISO of Bit4ID, Italy and Benjamin Gittins - CTO Synaptic Laboratories Ltd.

The military strategist Carl von Clausewitz stated:

“All war presupposes human weakness and seeks to exploit it.”

Malicious software (malware) is software that is explicitly designed to exploit vulnerabilities in computing devices and human users to the malicious advantage of the malware author or malware user. Malware comes in many forms, including computer viruses, worms, trojan, spyware, ransom-ware, ad-ware, root kits, and so on.

The right to anonymity on Internet and legal implications


Cyber security during sporting events


FBI,content monitoring,backdoors & Going Dark…shake well before use

Social Networks represent a rich mine of information of great interest for researchers, cybercri

Anonymous,from OpTrialAtHome to the streets,is time for changing