Diaboliczne dziecko atakuje: straszy niewinnych ludzi na ulicach Facebook Malware

Hackers are targeting Polish Facebook users with a new malware titled:"Diaboliczne dziecko a

How to defend yourself against Facebook malware in 2014

Hackers are using Facebook as an portal to gain credentials and money. The worst part is, they are using people that are unaware of the malware that can be found on Facebook. One of the recent examples is the video Rollercoaster accident in Orlando park, this Facebook malware targeted at least 30 000 users in 2 days. The malware that is similar build like the "Nicki Minaj tape that got leaked by her boyfriend"  uses the users to share the malicious malware post

[Shocking ] Accident on the roller coaster in Orlando park tried to be hidden! FB malware

Two-factor Authentication for SMBs

URGENT: Febipos Malware in the wild that steals your Facebook profile

Microsoft has discovered a trojan which hijacks Facebook accounts.

US government: zero-day vulnerabilities wanted - we pay bitcoins

Zero-day vulnerabilities are internet jackpots that will aid the attacker in it's attack.

Warning: ZertSecurity Android trojan hits German users

We have been investigating a

FireEye report on advanced cyber attacks landscape


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Your Photos? LOL - if you see this message with a link on it.

"Facebook Black" malware spreading fast on Facebook

A new virus is hitting Facebook users with an Fake Facebook Black template which would allow the