'Talking Angela app' hoax scaring Parents

There is a hoax spreading on Facebook which is warning parents for a malicious application named

50+ Most Famous Facebook Malware that went Viral

Do you think that you have seen it all?

'Daisy Naked' video Facebook 'Survey' scam

Flappy bird alternatives serving malware to Android users

Have you been playing Flappy bird alternatives?

New ‘TUMBLR’ virus steals login credentials

Dear TUMBLR users, do you love your TUMBLR page and network? Then you have to be aware of the new ‘TUMBLR virus’ that is trying to lure innocent TUMBLR users to download a malicious application which will grab the login information from the victimized user. The hackers have set up a fake page which looks identical to the official TUMBLR login page. Once you take a look at the details you will notice that there is something wrong.

Facebook malware: [VIDEO] Tom Cruise fatal accident with his private airplane in Soldotna, Alaska

Oh my god, hackers are using the weirdest footage to create hoaxes. Now the hackers on Facebook are claiming that they have footage of how 'Tom Cruise crashes fatally crashes his private plane in Soldotna, Alaska.". Earlier this week, hackers released a HOAX that Vin Diesel would have been killed while recording the movie '2 Fast to Furious 7"

Facebook malware: [Shocking video] Pregnant woman swallowed by Python

Hackers are using a fake video which is titled "[SHOCKING VIDEO]Huge Python Eats Passed Out Pregnant Woman in a Brazilian park as public watch!!". It shows a image of a snake that has human remain in it's jaw. This scam is a typical 'survey' & 'share' method the hackers use to generate revenue and it allows them to collect personal information. The video which shows how a pregnant woman is eaten by a huge Python in Brazil is a fake video. Once the users want to view the video, they have to share the video first. 

Huzlers Fake news & Satire: The world should know better

You can not have missed it, the satire website that has gone viral, is a website that

Facebook virus: Vídeo de un parto natural en casa, emocionante!

What can be more beautiful then to have a natural home birth, some couples make a decision to share their video with the internet, but as we know - nothing is safe on the internet. Hackers have used the video to share malware to unaware users. The video that is serving the malware has been titled 'Vídeo de un parto natural en casa, emocionante!' by the hackers. Once a user visits the website they will see the following content. 


Oh, the video of a hot couple that are dancing and yes it is indeed very hot, but do not watch th