Facebook malware: Man slips after epic selfie capture at Devil's pool, Victoria falls

Watch this man accidentally slip after EPIC SELFIE capture at Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls is the name of the hoax which is spreading on Facebook. The hoax is luring innocent internet users to a malicious website which then will be served with malware. The hoax which is spreading claims that there is a video of how a man slips after he takes a selfie at the Devil's pool, Victoria falls. The man could have died, if the story was real!

Cryptolock attack on smartphones in the future?

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. Your smartphone is your enemy and your friend is your mind, criminals are using techniques to steal your data or money, and one of the famous one is the Cryptolocker scheme that will take your money if you want your data back. Now a lot of companies and private users have witnessed the damage that the Cryptolocker virus can bring -- now wait till you see what the new scheme will be all about. 

Facebook virus: Monkey caught on Tape video

On Facebook a new and dirty hoax is spreading amongst the Facebook users. The video which is titled "LOL! Monkey Sex Caught on Tape! [Watch Video]" lures the Facebook users to the website which will serve the script which will allow the fake video to go viral. These kind of websites promise the users that they will be shown a video if they share the video first. 

Wi-Fi-hacking trojan dominates Wireless routers & changes DNS records

Dr.web researchers have analyzed the Rbrute trojan which hacks WiFi routers so it can spread

What is Agent.BTZ spyware and how to remove it

Agent.BTZ is a spyware application that has been discovered in 2008, the spyware has hit the United States military central command in 2008 and the spyware highest point of activity was in 2011. The spyware has been found by Kaspersky Labs. Recently a new spyware has been found named 'Turla'. 

Miley Cyrus virus spreading fast on Facebook

Hackers on the internet are using Miley Cyrus to lure unaware users to the website which is serving malware to the visitors. The hackers publish a fake 'viral' video on Facebook and make sure that it gets seen, once the unaware user clicks on the link the user will be redirected to a fake website which will claim that they will show the 'viral video'. 

Facebook: This girl KILLED herself after her DAD saw her doing THIS!

On Facebook a video has gone viral which shows how a girl killed herself after her dad saw her do

[VIDEO] Girl Showed Her Assets Live on Cam and Dad Caught Her | Facebook malware

On Facebook this video has gone viral,

Facebook virus: [VIDEO] Bambino tenta di molestare la zia!

On Facebook a message is spreading that there is video footage of how a Child is trying to molest her aunt. The video is titled '[VIDEO] Bambino tenta di molestare la zia!'. This is another hoax serves the Facebook schemes which are used by hackers to earn revenue and personal information.

Huge 'Survey' video scam platforms hit social media users

Hackers which are using the 'survey' scam method to generate revenue have stepped up thei