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Anonymous #opJapan vs Japans copyright laws

Today I woke up and I started up my Tweetdeck application. As soon as I started the application I noticed the #OpJapan operation by Anonymous.

The operation got initated after Japan announced a new law against illegal downloads. Friday(22-6-2012) Japan passed a new amendment to its copyright laws.

This law punishes illegal downloaders with serious jail terms for the first time. So if you get caught downloading illegal DVD's or Blue-Ray discs the fines could run as high as 25 000 dollars and carry a sentence of two years in prison.

Jailhouse Rock! New Japanese law doles out prison time for illegal downloads

Japan passed a new amendment to its copyright laws on Friday, making illegal downloads punishabl

Anonymous: Operation Japan press release #OpJapan

In recent years the content industry, politicians, and governments throughout the world have dra