Cyberwar on Israel heatens up after new Anonymous operation

Hackers behind the twitter account @Op_Israel have made a clear warning that Israel is going to be hit again and they will not be able to counter this attack done by Anonymous hackers. On the Twitter account you will be able to view a history of news collected by the #opIsrael group, on the same Twitter account you will see that they have left a warning that they are going to initiate a new operation .

The Israel Project website has been defaced by AnonGhost

AnonGhost has hacked The Israel Project website, they have left the website defaced as you can view here. AnonGhost has actively been hacking Israeli websites for the last years. The AnonGhost team emerged from the TeamPoison hacking crew that has been disbanded.

Israel sets up 'secret' diplomatic mission in Persian Gulf

Israel established 11 new diplomatic missions worldwide between 2010 and 2012, the country’

Space Cyber attacks – the threat is growing

Can hackers damage the Israeli spy and communications satellites?

#opIsrael: Hackers launch website

The promised attack on Israel that will take place on the 7th of April is spreading fast.

IDF forms new force to combat cyber warfare

Syrian Electronic Army hack Israeli news website & leaks credentials

The Syrian Electronic Army has released an new pastebin fil

AnonGhost publishes Pastebin file "Israel Nightmare 2013"

AnonGhost has massively attacked Israeli websites in the last few days.

AnonGhost takes down 10 websites in latest leak

The hacking group AnonGhost has been defacing websites for the last couple of months.

Anonymous targets & .gov domains in #opIsrael phase 2

The Anonymous collective has initiated phase 2 of their operation Israel.