Security gone wrong: Mysterious U.S plane at Iranian airport

It has been 35 years since a United States civil aircraft has landed in the Islamic Republic. The mysterious U.S. plane that has been seen at the Iranian airport, should be a VIP jet as the Federal Aviation Administration said that they did not know who was operating the aircraft but they had been informed that the aircraft belonged to a VIP and that they should not interfere. 

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Khamenei demands students to get ready for cyberwar

Expect a lot of cyber attacks that will be initiated by Iranian students that are trying out their skills. Last week a new account appeared on Twitter with the name '@Doctor_3v1l' which claims to be a Iranian hacker that is part of the Xploiter Team. In just a couple of days the hacker had hacked multiple websites. One amongst those was the Greenwolves official website. 

Greenwolves official website hacked by Iranian Hackers

The offical website of the Greenwolves has been hacked

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