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Multi-agency operation dismantled the indecent children images ring on Tor


#opTurkey: Anonymous vs Erdogan

Greetings Government of Turkey! 

We are Anonymous! We have watched for days with horror as our brothers and sisters in Turkey who are peacefully rising up against their tyrannical government have been brutalized, beaten, run over with riot vehicles, shot with water cannons and gassed in the streets.

Facebook 'Deepface' will identify faces like humans do

Pump the money and you will have result, Facebook has developed a new piece of software which will allow Facebook to identify each human face on the gigantic Facebook domain. We humans have an average 97.53% accuracy in identifying, but the software program which has been build by Facebook has 97.25%. This means that the software which has been developed is almost as accurate as if a human being would identify the persons. 

Free Remote Administration Tools

Are you searching for a free remote administration tool (RAT) like the DarkComet RAT? Well we have collected several free RATS which will allow you to dominate the internet. Just remember that you only use these tools for educational purposes. These administration tools are made in various forms, you have the slim and fast ones and you have the strong ones like the DarkComet RAT. 

Putin order comes into force immediately: Crimea is a sovereign independent state

If you have been watching the news, you have obtained the knowledge that around 95% voted Crimea to join the Russian country, now it seems that President Vladimir Putin has signed an order which states that Crimea will be seen as a sovereign independent state. 

Google Public DNS '' hijacked and used in cyberattack on Venezuela and Brazil

Are you a computer geek and are you using the Google DNS record or Well I have some bad news, last week the Google DNS record had been hijacked by malicious internet users. The attack was targeted at Brazilian and Venezuelan internet users, each day the Google DNS server handles around 150 billion queries a day, and during the 22 minutes that the Google DNS was hijacked, all the users were redirected to the British multinational telecommunications services company in Venezuela and Brazil. 

The police tampered eavesdropping reports, talks of destroying evidence

The Netherlands is on the top of the list when it comes to espionage on civilians, the Dutch police would 'tap' on mobile phones and then the evidence is digitally stored on a computer, but the way this is stored could be unethical. The police officer which is filing the evidence needs to write a report on what he has heard, but recent research has concluded that the Dutch police adds fake 'evidence' to those reports. So how trust worthy is it? 

Cyber attack: 'The Russian Spring' in the hands of Putin, domination of Europe is close

Does the name Aleksand Dugin ring you any bells? Well, he is one of the advisors of Putin and on 9 March 2014 he provided Putin a plan on how to dominate Europe. Aleksandr Dugin is a gestrategic and idealogical man which has published a plan named 'The Russian Spring', the Russian spring is a strategic plan on how Putin can lead Russia to a victory which will hold the area of Europe.  

What is Agent.BTZ spyware and how to remove it

Agent.BTZ is a spyware application that has been discovered in 2008, the spyware has hit the United States military central command in 2008 and the spyware highest point of activity was in 2011. The spyware has been found by Kaspersky Labs. Recently a new spyware has been found named 'Turla'. 

The Crimean Cyber-Troubles ramp-up

By Peter Rietveld and Diederik PerkLevels of intensity are on the rise in the Crimea crisis with cyber-warfare being one of its main drivers. Dozens of networks in the Ukraine are infected, government systems among them, with malicious software that secretly performs surveillance, sustains privileged access to networks and databases and may even opt to shut systems down altogether.[1] Alongside this advanced piece of malware, DoS and DDoS attacks continue to overwhelm servers hosting public and governmental platforms. Confirmed reports claim Ukrainian Members of Parliament have had their mobile phones disabled due to IP-based attacks.[2] Most disturbingly, attacks that have not been registered yet, are posing the biggest threats.