You won't believe how people changed in America after reading this

You might not believe it, but a lot of Americans changed after they read this article - you wonder why? The answer is so simple it will shock you. Did you know that each day millions of Americans and children are facing the inevitable threat of being targeted by cyber criminals.So each American is asking the same question, when will I get hacked? because I will get hacked at a certain point in my life. Each day more people like you are getting more aware of the threats that the beautiful internet brings with it. Each day children are exposed to criminals that want to exploit them, and if it is not the children that are being targeted by cyber criminals then it are the adults that are being spear phishing by criminals that are after your credentials and money. 

Running Windows XP You Should Take Action

Microsoft will end after 12 years support for Windows XP,After April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no l

New ransomware is targeting Dutch users

A new type of ransom ware seems to be targeting the Dutch internet users, the malware has been discovered on the website. The malware which has been found is a typical ransom ware threat, the malware makes sure that the user gets scared and that it will make an deposit to the provided money account. 

In this case the victim is shocked with pornographic content of minors, this will ensure the hacker that the person behind the computer will not contact the police or anybody in their environment. 

Watch Super Ninja Hacker Girl Talks Cyber Security

Get cyber security  information from Super Ninja hacker Girl,she goes on a talk-show to disc

Real Time Cyber Threat Map

Security firm Kaspersky Labs has launched an interactive cyber threat map that lets viewers see c

World’s leading provider of Software-defined Storage solutions has been hacked

A hacker seems to have breached the security of Nexenta Systems which is the world’s leading provider of Software-defined Storage solutions. The hacker seems to have dumped the database records of the website. The company’s flagship software-only platform, NexentaStor, delivers high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage management. Privately held, Nexenta is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

Ultimate guide on how to steal a botnet - MUST SHARE

Oh yeah, welcome to the road to domination. Have you ever wondered if it is possible to steal a botnet from a botnet herder? Well, of course it is possible, they are humans - and they make mistakes, just like we make mistakes. Hackers will secure their environments in such an way that it will be only accessible for them, but what happens when a hacker makes a mistake in the config file? Exactly, they become vulnerable to an attack which could lead to the theft of their Botnet. 

Free Voice Call with Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Messenger app has updated with a new feature Voice Call.Facebook Messenger works like te

Anonymous Ukraine US Army Attache e-mails hack update Video

Anonymous Ukraine released a new video update on youtube about hack into the email account of a U

Wi-Fi with Multi-user MIMO to Triple Speed

MIMO is a new WiFi technology that it says can communicate to multiple computers at the same time