Human-Powered Helicopter: This you have to see!

"I grew up wanting to fly," says Graham Bowen-Davies. "I guess I just settled for being an engineer."

He's standing on an indoor track in southern Maryland, watching a giant helicopter take flight. At the end of each of its four spindly arms — arms he helped design and build — a giant rotor churns the air. In the cockpit sits the engine: a 0.7-horsepower, 135-pound graduate student named Kyle Gluesenkamp.

Facebook 'Deepface' will identify faces like humans do

Pump the money and you will have result, Facebook has developed a new piece of software which will allow Facebook to identify each human face on the gigantic Facebook domain. We humans have an average 97.53% accuracy in identifying, but the software program which has been build by Facebook has 97.25%. This means that the software which has been developed is almost as accurate as if a human being would identify the persons. 

Syrian Terrorists Involved in Illegal Human Organ Trade

TEHRAN (FNA)- The so-called Free Syrian Army is reportedly involved in trafficking of body organs

Obama announces crackdown on Iran and Syria's cyber oppressors

US president signs executive order targeting people and firms that help authoritarian regimes cla

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Against Independent Media and Human Rights Site

Our research begins with the idea that Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is an increasingly co