Who is attacking the financial world, and why?


Malware & cyber espionage, ongoing attacks on sensitive information

Malware once were used primarily to destroy the victim's PC, but the scenario has completely changed today.

While surviving the need of wanting to harm with malicious software, for example in the development of cyber weapons, the current trend is to develop agents that serve primarily to the function of spying.

Anonymous AAPT data breach, 180k records published, 263k incoming

Anonymous #OpPedoChat pros and cons of a noble battle


Symatec data leak, too many doubts on the assumption of extortion

 The story is familiar to all, the Source Code, the Source code of property of Symantec comp

Cybercrime: Hacktivists Turn To DNS Hijacking

Hacktivists have added a new tactic to their arsenal: redirecting all of the traffic from a targe