A preliminary Post-Mortem of Heartbleed: A lesson in Crisis Management?

By Bram van Pelt and Peter Rietveld. Last week was Heart Bleed week. It was what experts call the biggest security breach in the last years. Both the regular and specialized press have spent a lot of time explaining what this is and how it could be fixed.

You would expect that everything on the subject is said by now; the fix is known and already applied in most cases. It was just a bothersome bug but we can get back to business as usual. Right?

BREAKING: Anonymous launches #opMcDonalds 2014

You Should Probably Read This Before You Order That Next McDonald's Meal.

Hacker snifs and exposes 678 Twitter Accounts

This hacking group which is responsib

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Ponemon study - SQL Injection attacks too dangerous for organizations

How to become a security expert and what will you need

Each security expert has its own story on how they entered the information security world, but fo

Bioweapons lost in France: 2300 pieces gone missing

In the world of European medical research, few names carry more clout and prestige than the Institut Pasteur. In 1983, the French non-profit discovered HIV, and three years later found another strain of the disease. It has posted groundbreaking research in the study of diseases from yellow fever to tetanus to diphtheria. In all, its scientists have netted numerous Nobel Prizes, one of which came in 2008.

MUST READ: Command and Control servers list used by cybercriminals

Each day there is news about how cyber criminals launched a DDoS attack or successfully stole big amounts of money - these criminals are able to perform these tasks because they own a massive army of infected clients which are being used to perform criminal activities. All of these computers are controlled by command and control servers which are managed by cyber criminals. Command and Control servers are often installed on hijacked servers which are the perfect place for a cyber criminal to hide and manage their infected clients. 

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Human Autonomous Zones - The Real Role of Hackers

How the role of hackers in society has changed. They used to be a necessary counterbalance to corporate and government power. Now, it's more like hackers are the only ones who understand the technology. They have become a balance to the power of technology itself. A discussion by renowned author Doug Rushkoff.