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Cyberwarfare: Israeli And Arab Hackers Square Off In Cyberbattle

 An online battle is raging between Israelis and Arabs, with each side unveiling credit card

WikiLeaks 'Snitch' Hacker Faces Wrath of His Peers

(July 21) -- The wanted-dead-or-alive posters described him as a "rat bastard." Then th

Changing the American Culture

 A page from my notebook,

Last night marked the first night that the issue of Cybersecurity came to American primetime TV.  It is a show called Breaking In and the viewing party that I watched it with loved it.  The show successfully appeals to adults and children, we hope it will stay on the air for > 5 years.  This is the approach that we are taking to solve the biggest threat to ever exist against the US economy.  The US is currently losing 1 trillion dollars per year due to Cybercrime and that figure doubles each year.

Western forces launch pre-emptive full scale CYBER WAR against Iran