Must read: Malaysian Airlines MH370 hacked?

In this cyber domain we are going to take a look at the chance that the MH370 flight might have b

Google Public DNS '' hijacked and used in cyberattack on Venezuela and Brazil

Are you a computer geek and are you using the Google DNS record or Well I have some bad news, last week the Google DNS record had been hijacked by malicious internet users. The attack was targeted at Brazilian and Venezuelan internet users, each day the Google DNS server handles around 150 billion queries a day, and during the 22 minutes that the Google DNS was hijacked, all the users were redirected to the British multinational telecommunications services company in Venezuela and Brazil. 

How to steal Whatsapp contact database

The Whatsapp application that is owned by Facebook has a serious flaw, it is possible for hackers

Confirmed: EC-Council has been hacked 2014

The security company EC-Council which provides multiple certificates like the Certified Ethical Hacker has been hacked by a hacker that claims to be a 'certified unethical software security professional'. The hacker hacked the EC-Council website and left the Passport of Edward Snowden. on the website. 

Timeline: How the SEA hacked Forbes 2014

Early Thursday morning, a Forbes senior executive was woken up by a call from her assistant, saying that she’d be working from home due to a forecast predicting the snowiest day of the year. When she ended the call, the executive saw on her Blackberry that she had just received a bluntly worded email that seemed to have been sent by a reporter at Vice Media, asking her to comment on a Reuters story linked in the message.

Valentine hack: What would cupid do if he was hacked? [Must watch video]

We all heard the story about Cupid, how you can fall in love just in a second, but what would hap

PROOF SEA hacked FORBES: A simple query!

Rumors are spreading on the internet that Forbes has been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, t

Breaking: Facebook, Google and various banks hacked with Fake SSL certificates

It is possible that you have been phished, a research that has done by the security company Netcraft have revealed that fake SSL certificates were used to imitate banks, Google and Facebook. So the chance that some people have been phished is not small. The fake certificates are used to trick the user so they will think that they are on a genuine website, as it will provide the 'Green lock' in the browser of the user. But when the user takes a look at the certificate that is being provided, the user will find out that it is a fake certificate that has not been granted by Google, Facebook or various banks. 

Greenwolves official website hacked by Iranian Hackers

The offical website of the Greenwolves has been hacked

Ubisoft hacked: Database accessed by hackers

One of the websites of Ubisoft Entertainment has been hacked.