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Where did the Cojones go? Edward Snowden needs refuge

First things first - why do people get chased all over the world for simply leaking information t

Question to the world: Would you protect Snowden if you had the chance?

Anonymous is "Uniquely Offended" by UN Hijackers

Firstly, We salute the Internet for protecting itself from the W.C.I.T., also known as the 2,012

Anonymous uses famous La Liberté guidant le peuple painting to express it's path

An open letter to the world! | #Anonymous #Anonfamily #OWS

Letter concerning “those above us”… Especially mean

Drone for freedom or cyber threat? The Pirate Bay idea

Internet freedom and security in EU foreign policy: The role of business

Yesterday I attended an workshop which focused on the role of business in the IT Business and Privacy world. This workshop focussed on Government spyware tools, human rights and foreign policies.




This manifest for digital freedom (see PDF for the extended version) was sent to political parties for the elections of 2010. We have asked for the following eight programs formulated items be taken in their election. Help us to protect digital freedom! Go to the campaign page for more information.


Digital technology is the oxygen for the Dutchman of the 21st century. Almost every Dutch person has a computer, a mobile phone and a broadband connection. We drive business through innovative services such as Marketplace. We do massive tax via internet. We work together on the largest ever encyclopedia, Wikipedia. We make new business contacts and maintain old friendships through social networks. We share knowledge, culture and opinions via Twitter. We build our democracy and the Internet to ask attention to oppression in other countries, like Iran. Digital technology has changed our society and all citizens unprecedented freedom.