The Day A Computer Virus Came Close To Plugging Gulf Oil

It was a Sunday afternoon in August 2012 and Gert-Jan Schenk, the European head of cyber security

Israel vs Iran.The strategic importance of 5th domain,the cyberspace

Time passes and the dispute between Iran and Israel is becoming increasingly more complex to manage. Apparently everything seems crystallized waiting for one of the contenders make the first move, in fact, both states are boosting investment in the development of their cyber capabilities.

Cyberwar: UK PLC attacked 1000 times per hour

Earlier this year Jonathan Evans, the Director General of MI5 (the UK Security Service), warned t

Meet MiniFlame, The Ninja Assassin of Cyber Warfare Tools

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have been patiently picking apart the ingenious malware packages that romped through computer networks in the Middle East, sucking up data and destroying Iranian nuclear centrifuges and it seems Kaspersky finds a new addition to the allegedly U.S. and Israeli-sponsored family of cyber-weapons every other month. Monday theyannounced the discovery of the Flame malware’s baby cousin, MiniFlame.

Global cyber war: New Flame-linked malware detected

A new cyber espionage program linked to the notorious Flame and Gauss malware has been detected b

Researchers Uncover U.S. Footprints in Mysterious Cyber Warfare Tools


Dangerous waves of malware are transforming cyberspace in a jungle


Malware & cyber espionage, ongoing attacks on sensitive information

Malware once were used primarily to destroy the victim's PC, but the scenario has completely changed today.

While surviving the need of wanting to harm with malicious software, for example in the development of cyber weapons, the current trend is to develop agents that serve primarily to the function of spying.

Japan institutions victim of cyber espionage, is it cyber warfare?