WorldStarHipHop hoax: Guy Decides To Get A Closer Look At A Safari And Gets Eaten By Lion Within Minutes

A video has been published on the HipHop website WorldStarHiphop which shows how a person de

Huzlers Fake news & Satire: The world should know better

You can not have missed it, the satire website that has gone viral, Huzler.com is a website that

VIDEO: [Impactante] Accidente en la montaña rusa que trató de ser ocultado

A new Facebook hoax is spreading titled "[Impactante] Accidente en la montaña rusa que trató de ser ocultado" this video tried to trick viewers into a fake video where you can watch a roller coaster accident happen. This is not the first time that the hackers have tried the Roller Coaster accident theme, previously we reported on a hoax gone viral on Facebook which included the same footage

Cybercriminals use Kaspersky-Pentesting.com to scam users with fake vulnerability scanners

Cyber criminals are always looking for their next target and they might get us if we don't wa

The Hackers Army attack on #FBI.gov failed? or did they succeed to attack an honeypot with 250+ plain users?

So we just released a copy of the article on the FBI hack where more then 250 accounts were leake

Facebook Begins Eliminating Fake Likes, Page Fan Counts Drop

New "You cannot watch this for more than 5 seconds, i can bet" malware video on Facebook

Today i was surfing on my Facebook account and one of my connections send me a message with a vid

New Anonymous Operation Mayhem 2012 Code Tyler

Cyberwarzone has found Anonymous resources on the Operation Mayhem 2012 operation. Cyberwarzone has posted videos and news from the Operation Mayhem operation and the New operation Operation Mayhem Code Tyler.

French security company VUPEN denies the leakage of 130 zero day exploits

Today rumors were circeling the internet that the French security company has been breached.

The security company VUPEN searches for zero day exploits in software. The zero day information then gets sold to their paying clients - which they can use for their own purposes.