Facebook used to serve malware - SCAN YOUR PC NOW

Facebook has a lot of malicious applications and we have combined the ones which we have found on one page so you can take a look at the way how these malicious pages are made. We hope that you will get a better understanding of these type of threats after reading this article on websites which are serving malware via Facebook.

How to secure your social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Good, you are interested in securing your social media accounts from malicious internet users which want to steal your personal information. You can read it each day in the news, how hackers obtained access to thousands social media accounts. So before we start securing our social media accounts there are some primary rules which need to be followed.

Facebook video: The Worst World Motorcycle Accident

Another hoax on Facebook is going viral, this time the hacker chose to provide the hoax a video of a terrible motorcycle accident. The video hoax which is being shared is titled:'The Worst World Motorcycle Accident' and it lures unaware users to a malicious website which will serve the unaware users a virus to their computer. 

Malware: Miley Cyrus video scandal going viral on Facebook

The hoaxes on Facebook which are serving malware to unaware users are going viral in a unbelievable rate - the leaked video of Miley Cyrus has been used to start a massive Facebook campaign which will lure unaware users to a malicious website which will serve the unaware user a piece of malware.

Facebook video 'Free Sex Scandal' serves malware

A erotic post on Facebook is luring thousands of users to a malicious website which will serve malware to the unaware user. The Facebook hoax is titled:'Free Sex Scandal' and it shows how two persons are having a erotic time but it does not show the video to the user.

BREAKING: Hackers use CNN template to misinform people

Everyone is familiar with the logo of the Cable News Network also known as CNN. But did you know that hackers are using the famous colors and template of the CNN to trick unaware users with misinformation and hoaxes? In the following still active example you can see how the hackers behind the website used the CNN template to trick users into sharing a Facebook message which will probably go viral within a couple of shares.  

[SHOCK VIDEO] 900 KG Gaint Snake Got Out of Lake in USA! Facebook malware

On Facebook a new hoax is spreading about a 900KG Giant Snake which should have been spotted in a lake located in the United States of America. The Facebook hoax is titled '[SHOCK VIDEO] 900 KG Gaint Snake Got Out of Lake in USA!' and it's only goal is to trick people to click on the malicious link which will get them infected with some type of malware. 

31.172 users infected by malicious JWPlayer since January 2014

At least 31 172 devices have been infected with the malicious JWPlayer application which can be found on the Google Chrome webstore. During our research for Facebook malware we found a malicious website which is serving a fake version of the JWPlayer. JWPlayer is a application which will allow people to watch videos online, the JWPlayer has been implemented in the Youtube website - you use it when you click your right mouse button on a video. 


There is another Facebook hoax spreading which is luring innocent users to a video which will trick them to install a virus on their computer. This time the hackers are using a video titled 'Dude hides camera in toilet'.

Facebook malware: Man slips after epic selfie capture at Devil's pool, Victoria falls

Watch this man accidentally slip after EPIC SELFIE capture at Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls is the name of the hoax which is spreading on Facebook. The hoax is luring innocent internet users to a malicious website which then will be served with malware. The hoax which is spreading claims that there is a video of how a man slips after he takes a selfie at the Devil's pool, Victoria falls. The man could have died, if the story was real!