Shocking video: Proof of Facebook Fraud

A video has been published where there is proof that Facebook Fraud is real and that it is costin

Facebook malware: @OffVinDiesel died while filming a deadly scene

Hackers on Facebook have published a malicious application that tricks the users into believing that the actor 'Vin Diesel has died while he was filming a deadly scene for the movie Fast & Furious 7'. The application claims that they had to film the scene again because the original stunt was with the deceased Paul Walker. Now this is what we call a HOAX that has no respect left at all. The users are tricked by a 'Fake Video' that has been titled VIN Diesel died while filming Fast & furious 7 (2015). 

Facebook hoax: Poor Girl Ended Up in The Emergency Room After This

The Facebook post: "Poor Girl Ended Up in The Emergency Room After This" is a scam. The post will take Facebook users to a website looking like Facebook, in attempt to trick them into sharing it or completing surveys, by promising to show them a video depicted by the image in the Facebook post. But, there is no video Once on the website, the victim will be asked to complete surveys or share the same website. Now, sharing this web page will only help spread this scam to other Facebook users. And, completing the surveys will only generate revenue for the cybercriminals behind this scam.

Massive list of Facebook malware: Which one have you seen before

Most of the users on Facebook have witnessed the effect that malware can have on Facebook.

Facebook scam: [SHOCKING VIDEO] The truth behind Mcdonald's food

Are you a fan of McDonald or do you prefer to eat healthy food? Well these hackers don't care which type of fan you are, because they are targeting Facebook users with a video that will show them the "truth behind McDonald's food" but the only thing the Facebook users will be receiving is a application that demands to be shared first and afterwards the users will have to fill in a form to view the video. 

Don't be tricked by the Facebook 'A look back' virus #FacebookIs10

Have you used the original 'A look back' Facebook application or the fake application tha

Facebook 'Tsunami' Insurance Policy Scam

Users on Facebook are targeted by a scam that claims that the receiver is entitled to receive 17

Facebook malware: Facebook Team Award Lottery Promotion Agency

Hackers on Facebook are trying to obtain personal information by sending fake messages to people

Se denne sjokkerende videoen, er den uidentifiserte sjømonster fanget på Plage de Pampelonne, Saint-Tropez, Frankrike! Facebook virus

Hackers on Facebook have uploaded a new theme to trick Facebook users to install malicious Facebo

Facebook malware: Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool

Hackers on the internet are targeting Candy Crush Saga players with a scheme that will only be pr