Blackhat 2012 EUROPE Presentations & Workshops

Blackhat 2012 EUROPE Presentations (Youtube) are listed here after I found this post on the internet. This article contains the videos from the Black Hat Europe 2012 event. 

Black Hat Europe 2012's Arsenal will feature live demonstrations of nine new tools and resources, ranging from CAPTCHA crackers to PDF exploit analyzers

Video: Visualizing Botnets

A one minute slice of geolocated hosts that are infected with malware and unwittingly participati

OpColombia: Target list released by Anonymous Europe

Anonymous europe has released the target list for OpColombia. The target list includes domains. Read the pastebin to find out more about anonymous europe.

Anonymous Europe: Massive Country sorted Proxy list 500 items

ACTA: Acta loses more support in Europe

Bulgaria and the Netherlands join Poland and Germany in refusing to ratify Acta, citing privacy a

Intelligence: US Intelligence community worldwide threat assessment

Unclassified statement for the record on the worldwide threat assessment of the US intelligence