Huawei – Symantec, broken join venture and the fear on chinese firms


US Experts say: Government Networks constantly hacked

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Google code used to circumvent privacy protections ... true or false?

Cyber, Cyber, Cyber. What are we talking about anyway?

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Darknet: Marianas web and the other levels

Marianas web is the deepest, darkest part of the internet. it cannot be accessed using a regular browser or regular methods. 

The DarkNet is made for anonymity; the sharing of information without fear of detection or prosecution. Due to its nature this attract many people, both bad and good. some to speak freely of political jurisdiction and others to engage in all manners of illegal activity.

Espionage: Rapid7′s Mike Tuchen on Cyber Espionage and Startup Lessons

 How are companies spying on each other these days?

Espionage: Did Chinese Espionage Lead to F-35 Delays?

 Did Chinese cyber spying cause the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter’s cost spikes and production delays? That’s the question Pentagon budget officials are asking according to Aviation Week.

Chinese spies apparently hacked into secure conference calls and listened to meetings discussing the classified technologies aboard the jets. In particular, China may have stolen info about the F-35’s secure communications and antenna systems; leading to costly software rewrites and other redesigns to compromised parts of the plane.
The worst part, this problem isn’t just limited to the F-35, though the program’s size and the fact that it’s information systems were apparently designed without any concern for cyber espionage made it an easy target.

OSINT: Real time satellite tracking

During my search on the internet i stumbled upon a real time satellite tracking service.

Cyber recruiting: The Shifting Digital Sands of Online Jihad

Inspire Magazine, Samir and Anwar Are Gone, since a drone took out the creators and editors of In