Apple decrypts seized iPhones for law enforcement


Hijacking WhatsApp accounts still possible in December 2012

It is still simple to hijack an WhatsApp account, all you need is the IMEI and telephone number f

Nasa to encrypt data after its latest laptop loss

US space agency Nasa has ordered that the data on all its laptops must be encrypted, after losing

Massive Top 100 security tips

Cyberwarzone is going crazy and has decided to post a massive top 100 security tips for the community. These tips can be used on a daily basis and are easy to implement. The security tips will help you protect yourself against potential threats.

The tips will cover topics like web surfing and doing it secured. As the list gets bigger the topics could get complex. Feel free to share this blog and don't forget to tweet about it.

Letter from Givon Zirkind on the Non-Decryptable encryption

Recently Cyberwarzone published an article on a Non-Decryptable encryption challenge. CWZ contacted Givon Zirkind.

Givon Zirkind responded with an letter. Feel free to read the letter.

The letter discusses NSA, ACM Transactions, Pittsburgh Undergraduate review,  American Mathematical Association, Phil Zimmerman, Bruce Schneier.

Challenge: Non-Decryptable Encryption by Givon Zirkind

Cyberwarzone stumbled upon the Non-Decryptable encryption challenge by Givon Zirkind. Givon is an computer scientist that claims to have developed a method of encryption that can't be decrypted by method.

Givon has asked the hacking community to help him out. 


Non-Decryptable? Really?

Saw this website:  www.givonzirkind.weebly.com

Interesting.  Read the articles. I think this guy is on to something.  He's a legitimate college professor / researcher, computer scientist.  Has a patent in data compression.  Clearly, he understands the theory of encryption.  A good chunk of his articles appear to me, to be what he says they are--non decryptable by method.  I could guess.  But, that could take forever.  The possibilities are endless.

Cybersecurity: Encryption 101

Easy-to-use encryption technology keeps business secrets secure. Here’s how to get started.

For many people, the word "encryption" invokes images of spies, clandestine operations and World War II code breakers feverishly working to decipher enemy messages. Actually, encryption is a priceless security tool that any business can easily use to keep sensitive information confidential and safe from prying eyes.

Exploit: Windows Media Player vulnerability

New research from M86 Labs adds further insight on the MIDI exploit first highlighted by Trend Mi

FaultBased Attack of RSA Authentication

RSA public-key encryption has been used to protect privacy on everything from computers to gadgets and web based information all over the world for years.